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Update: AdCoin Long Term Vision

Lars February 1, 2019 0 comments

Dear AdCoin Community,


As you can see in the latest blog update, the AdCoin team is busy with the decentralizing of AdCoin to make sure we can go forward in the long-term. One of the most important things is that we become more community driven.

In the past 2 years the AdCoin Team has worked their asses off to make AdCoin better every day. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned (51% attack, Cryptopia security breach) but we kept moving forward. We created multiple algorithms, desktop wallets, a web wallet, an advertising platform, a payment gateway, Adcoin Advertising Manager for WordPress, AdCoin Payments for Woo Commerce, Stand-alone WordPress Payment Solution, AdCoin Payments for Drupal, Get AdCoin Wallet Rest API and much more….

In the future, the AdCoin team will still be moving forward and trying to improve AdCoin every day. But we are going to do this together with our amazing community.  Together with the community we can take bigger/faster steps in this process. One thing we saw during the coin swap is that we have a very big and amazing community with thousands of coin holders. We are sure that if we combine the knowledge and power of the community we can become a much bigger coin than we are right now.


What can you do?

There are multiple ways to help AdCoin grow further as THE advertising cryptocurrency.

The first thing you can help with is building tools/features on the AdCoin Blockchain. You can help with the development on our GitHub or you can start your own project on Github. There are still a lot of opportunities to develop with the AdCoin blockchain.

Another thing you can help with is help your fellow community members.  At the moment we are doing the support by ourselves but this takes a lot of time. Most of the questions are quite easy (How can I send my coins, where can I buy AdCoin etc.) so we are sure that everyone can help each other. In the upcoming days we will release a forum on our website where community members can help each other.

Furthermore, you can help with spreading the word. For example, the best advertising is word to mouth. Get your AdCoin T shirt and stickers and visit events! Another example, do you know a journalist who is interested in cryptocurrency/blockchain? Contact him and ask if he wants to write an article about a Dutch cryptocurrency project. There are multiple ways to spread the word and help AdCoin be known all over the world. This will create benefits for all community members.

As you probably know the crypto world is a very expensive world. The listing fees are extremely high and in combination with some community comments we decided to raise some funds especially for listings.

The AdCoin Core team will sell five masternodes to collect funds for listings. If you are interested in a masternode you can send a mail to [email protected]. We make sure that it is not possible to buy a Masternode through us and dump the coins on the exchanges to make profit (immediately).

Another way to create funds for listings is the donation address (BTC, ETH, ACC) . Where anyone can donate so AdCoin has extra funds for listings..

Our first goals are:

  • to get listed on 0.25 BTC
  • to get listed on a new exchange.

BTC: 1D7CmvF9wiTTbSM4X7rzCTFEcpLp39iZZb

ETH: 0x63F393aeE5ca5B4ba42B1671c0adDec9E6841AC8

ACC: D9aE852UoPpNuePZVZdUC9GqLJL6G2pjxb

The funds that we collect with donations and masternodes will be completely spent on listings. We will always use the same BTC, ETH, ACC address so everyone can see the current funds for listings etc. Through voting’s on social media the community will decide on which listing we will spend a part of the funding.

We are sure that together with our amazing community we can be bigger than ever.


Kind regards,

Team AdCoin




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