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AdCoin Update June 13 2018: Advertising platform release 2.0 and vote results

Adcoin - June 14, 2018 - 0 comments

Hi everyone! It has been over a month since we launched the beta version of our AdCoin advertising platform. Within a week we were serving up to 5 million impressions, but unfortunately a week later we ran into some problems. The platform suffered from the increase in traffic, but also from attempted hacks and DDOS attacks.
Initially we decided to “not accept” new registrations, but eventually we decided to pause the platform and focus on a second release. So without further ado: the advertising platform release 2.0 will be on June 21

“If you’re going to eat shit, don’t nibble.”
– Unknown

AdCoin advertising platform: AdCoin.Click

The 1st of May we have launched our brand-new advertising platform. It’s possible for advertisers to get massive crypto audience in minutes and for publishers to earn easy money with their websites and show relevant crypto related ads on their websites. We will release a second version of the platform and a lot of extra features in the upcoming week.

AdCoin Advertising Vote

We have a winner! After a tough competition (in which multiple projects tried to cheat their way to victory), the winner of $20,000 in advertising spend is DeepOnion, followed by Develop[crypto] ($5,000) and ReddCoin ($1,000). The winners have been contacted and they will get their budgets allocated on the version 2.0 advertising platform.

AdCoin Roadmap for June 2018

In the meantime, we keep busy with developing new tools for AdCoin and there are a lot of things coming in May/June:

  • Releasing WordPress Advertising plugin
  • Releasing Drupal payment gateway
  • Releasing some Cool AdCoin merchandise
  • Release AdCoin.Click version 2.0 with a lot of extra features (see details above)

Do you have questions?

If you still have any questions, please contact us via Telegram or Mail! Most of the time there is a Moderator or Developer present there. You can also look up in our whitepaper who the Admins are.

Want to get ahead of the information? Please join our Telegram group @


Patrick – The AdCoin Team

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