Hello AdCoin enthusiasts! A small update on the projects that AdCoin is working on in order to get the first ads live. First another quote to describe I experienced last week 🙂

“I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.�
– Marie Curie

Status updates current development

Like last week we have another update on our projects. The processes we are working on are:
1. Changing the difficulty regulator of AdCoin (hard fork)
2. Creating tooling to receive, send, buy and sell AdCoin

1. Difficulty regulator

We are working on verifying everything we think should be done is working properly. We are expecting to communicate the fork in a week or two, with enough time for our partners to prepare everything on their side.

2. Tooling

Next to the web wallet, which we will release within two weeks, we are also working on integration the AdCoin order system inside the web wallet. This means you will have one user-environment where everything AdCoin related can be managed, although selling your AdCoin through our systems wil not be possible until we pass all regulations (there is additional regulation on cryptocurrency transactions).

Other news

So there is some other cool stuff that has happened the last week AND that we are working on at the moment. Here they are:

  • Spoke @ Emerce Performance on Thursday the 16th in Amsterdam
  • Added 2 factor authentication to the web-wallet
  • Added address book to the web-wallet
  • Working on expanding to Germany
  • (Re)applied for a couple exchanges (now as registered CoC)
  • Expanding the team with more marketing & PR powerrrr

Once again thank you for your continued support and for any questions please drop me a message on Telegram! Please let us know what you miss in these updates as well, so that I can add it to the next one 🙂

– Patrick

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