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AdCoin Update November 29 2017: Mining pool, wallets and projects update

Patrick - November 29, 2017 - 0 comments

Hi everyone! Another small update on recent events and future outlook of the AdCoin development. I’ll kick off with another quote first:

“The key to success is emotional stability.”
– Warren Buffett

Mining pool

We took down the pool due to issues with the UNOMP mining pool. Basically the pool calculates a higher payout amount than the amount of block rewards. This seems to be a general issue for all UNOMP pools and we are looking into either bug-fixing or changing to other pool scripts. Since there are a lot of alternatives for AdCoin mining, we are referring our beloved miners to the following pools:

Web wallet BETA

We are very proud to present our custom made AdCoin web wallet! While we are confident about the development, we are releasing it as a beta so we can still fix some bugs if they were to come up.

You can reach the web wallet here:

The web wallet offers:

  • Easy account creation through Facebook or Google+
  • High security through 2-factor authentication
  • Address book
  • Multiple receive addresses
  • QR code wallet address
  • Scanning QR codes to send AdCoin

Other news

We are working on the following:

  • Coindevelopment > DGW3 hardfork
  • Re-doing the order process
  • Integrating the order proces and web wallet
  • Working on expanding to Germany
  • Working on expanding to Spain

Once again thank you for your continued support and for any questions please drop me a message on Telegram! Please let us know what you miss in these updates as well, so that I can add it to the next one 🙂

– Patrick

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