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Important update regarding Cryptopia

adcoinbaas - May 16, 2019 - 0 comments

Dear AdCoin Community,

Today we received the news that Cryptopia ( is being liquidated as they could no longer maintain their operations. For us this is the last chapter of a partnership that has been very difficult from the beginning. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is, and has been, a very tough landscape when it comes to opportunities, threats and innovation. During the many challenges that AdCoin has faced, Cryptopia has always been a troublesome partner especially due to their slow responses (months rather than days) and we haven’t heard from them ever since December of last year.

Since the hack of Cryptopia earlier this year no one has been able to withdraw any altcoins. Now the liquidators stated that all assets will be sold and stakeholders will be compensated. Most projects relied on Cryptopia for their volume and the liquidation would hurt most projects rather than solve anything for the stakeholders.

The team from AdCoin does NOT have more information than what is shared through Cryptopia or their liquidators at Grant Thornton.

AdCoin WILL take legal steps to try to get the AdCoin back from Cryptopia and return them to their rightfull owners. There is no indication on wether we will succeed or how long this will take. The community will be updated as soon as there is any news to share. Individual questions should be send to Cryptopia, who can be reached at

In addition AdCoin has applied to Nova Exchange and TycheExchange.


– AdCoin

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