AdCoin for Investors

AdCoin for Investors

Why AdCoin?

AdCoin for investors

While Bitcoin is still the dominant cryptocurrency, there are a lot of problems for actually using that internet money to perform (micro)-payments. AdCoin aims to improve the online advertising payments by using the advantages of blockchain technology.


Why people would love to use AdCoin

Payments with AdCoin can be performed 24/7, have an extremely low transaction fee and don’t require anything more than an AdCoin wallet address. For the advertising market this means cost reduction, faster payments, less risk and the ability to perform micro-payments. Publishers who receive AdCoin can either keep them or convert them to other cryptocurrencies.

What the AdCoin team did so far

We are listed on 3 exchanges and built wallets for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and a universal web wallet. We also implemented theSegWit protocol and Dark Gravity Wave 3 difficulty regulator. After all, we completed an API for purchasing, sending, receiving and storing AdCoin and made seamless integrations into CMS Systems like WordPress (WooCommerce)

Read more about what our team did so far in the AdCoin Whitepaper



What’s Cooking?

Integrating with (major) advertising networks, more integrations with content management systems and releasing AdCoin advertising tools, scripts and plugins The goal of AdCoin is to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to everyone who is working with online advertising, from a mother just starting her personal blog to a multinational who wants to perform payments overseas.

Read more about our future plans in the AdCoin Whitepaper

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