Patrick van Dijl – Co-Founder
Fintech enthusiast who enjoys the human-to-human part of business.

Jerry Donker – Co-Founder
The serial entrepreneur who lives the “getting things done” philosophy.

Niels-Jan van der Hoek – Co-Founder
The networker who connects AdCoin to executives and the media.

Ricardo Oosterling – Co-Founder
Prefers to talk in Linux command lines while working on our security.


Anne Douwe Bouma – Back End Developer
Core developer and the brains behind the web wallet and API.

Maxim van Dijk – Back End Developer
The integration guru. Work hard, integrate harder.

Melissa Gol – Front End Developer
Enjoys working on big projects and chooses coding over sleeping.

Peter Willemsen – Blockchain Developer
Blockchain and C++ genius, the go-to guy for the AdCoin chain.

Jamy Muilwijk – Back End Developer
PHP expert who knows his ways around the web wallet.

Kiran Kovacic – Back End Developer
Telegram bots have no secrets for this man.

Xander Robbemond – Blockchain Developer
The silent force in our team.

Marketing & PR

Lars Berger – Account Manager
Breathes optimism and reaches out to all AdCoin customers.

Matthijs Munter – Multimedia Design
Translating the wishes of the stakeholders to the best possible UX.

Luc Nugteren – Marketing & Sales
The target audience is always on the mind of this crypto enthusiast.

Community Management

Jeroen van IJzendoorn – Telegram Moderator
The Telegram moderator who always smiles and thinks in possibilities.

Nick Hoedemakers – Community Manager
Our first miner and crypto enthusiast who helps out wherever he can.


Ivan Ho – Advisor
Only thinks in solutions and connects us to the outside world.